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The greatest advantages of multimedia French lessons are that you can work in your own time, at your own pace and get lots of opportunities to hear the language


I would recommend French4U to anybody who wants to learn French, because it is pretty flexible & you can learn at your own pace

Toronto, Feb. 22

I remember some verbs easier than before. My pronunciation has improved and I find the model perfectly clear

Man, aged 53, Ireland

I am finding it easy to operate and also the sound quality is very good; you get a good feel for the language

UK, 2007-02-27

The installation went without a hitch. The sound quality is good


All I can say is keep up the good work

testimonial ref.2202070536

Have already started recommending your site to my friends who are learning French or who are interested in learning it. I advise everyone to choose your method with its excellent sound qualityIt’s marvellous. I enjoy learning with French4U. It’s very interesting aand I learn how to speak very well. But I would like some grammar lessons as well. In short, I’m falling in love with this site – French4U


The voices, both man and woman, are clear and precise, and re-listening, I can pick up subtle nuances

Dick, New Hampshire

I did find it progressive and thoroughly enjoy speaking & pronouncing in French

M., Ontario

On the technical side it is very good – easy to start and finish

testimonial from Ireland

I particularly enjoyed being encouraged to speak aloud. Thanks very much!

Madeleine, UK

The advantage of products like this is that you are learning in an unstressed environment

G.K., yahoo

The sound quality was excellent and the teaching method very good


if you are busy, use this program!


I really enjoyed everything in it. I felt I learned the material well without any difficulty


Right now I am listening to French radio as much as I can, and just trying to totally immerse myself in the spoken form of French


I find the concept enjoyable: it stimulates your mind and allows you to assimilate things quickly

G, father of 3 children

The speed is good. I like the pause and back buttons. I like the explanations

ex NATO officier,

The best thing about learning French on the net is just that you hear the spoken language

26/02/2007 19:04

I would like to say that they are doing a great job


I e-mailed Francois Legrand, as invited, and was soon installed and enjoying the lessons


I love the sound of the French language

Essex, UK

I like it because it is easy!

J.L., 20:59

I found it very easy to use


The lesson length for beginners was highly appropriate

Senior college lecturer

The length of the lessons is fine

I’m a student. I have to study French as it is one of my subjects. It’s really fun!

testimonial from India

I think the instructions are plain and clear

56 year-old English woman

You improve quickly because no one is looking over your shoulder

Gerard, businessman/contractor

I enjoyed the first lesson. Merci for making this guide to learn proper French


I improved even though I am not a genuine beginner

Mac user,

I love the voice interaction and how images are given for the words to settle in your mind

testimonial from the USA

To be very honest I particularly like this course, because it is extremely easy to operate & you can learn the correct pronunciation

53 year-old man, one son

My French has improved immensely since I started

testimonial from Sweden

I find trying to see a hidden image intriguing from an intellectual standpoint

testimonial from the USA

French4U has the advantage of allowing you to choose when you want to study and for how long

Yvonne, England

I like French4U very much

69 year-old Watercolor painter, USA

I am very excited about this web site


I like the length very much

20/02/2007 20:59

I’ve improved a lot so it must be good

Murli, India

I like learning new things, and find this course interesting

South Africa

My pronunciation has improved greatly

testimonial ref.2602070406

The sound quality was excellent, too

Biology and chemistry student

I truly believe I can make further progress

21/02/2007 02:59

A very good method that should involve the learner in all the best ways to make good progress. Personally I always enjoy the opportunity to speak and pronounce French

testimonial from les Deux Sevres, France

Merci beaucoup

Canadian woman, has French ancestor

The product has the potential to do very well

testimonial from England

This online French course is very good and begins with the basics


I have acquired a certain ease

Printer Co-ordinator,

The method is effective and enjoyable, mainly because it is not too difficult

second year college student

it’s much better than anything… really


I have now taken three of your lessons, and so far I like them a lot

testimonial time 17:26:41

The lessons are easy to learn

testimonial time 19:22:41

The phrases are very clear

Woman from La-Baie-des-Chaleurs

I realised just how important it is to hear a language, rather than read it

testimonial time 19:04:06

It’s not a difficult method, it’s like having your own French teacher at your side

20/02/2007 13:30

Certainly, such teaching styles will improve one’s efficiency

03/02/2007 12:02

The software did prompt me properly. I was a little embarrassed talking to a computer but I got used to it and relaxed

Family, thinking of moving to France

I like it. I was kind of lost without it

American man, speaking fluent Spanish.

I liked it very much as soon as I started with the lessons


Using the course, I felt fine, alert, relaxed and interested

Man, 58 yr old, USA

I have already advised a couple who have moved to France to enroll with you to study alone, at their own pace, repeating as often as desired and building that individual confidence

France, 2007-03-01

I do enjoy speaking and pronouncing in French

housewife aged 46,

C’est bien!!


This course was very simple to understand and complete, and effective


The prompts on the software were very helpful. The functions were easy to use and appropriate

Couple moved to France Jan,2006

The lessons provide good scope for going back and repeating

testimonial ref.2102071922

I said a few words in French, and they were impressed

20 year-old law student

The instructions are plain and clear


I like the fairly quick introduction to the future tense and hope there will be other such introductions of other tenses naturally


The teaching method & the sound – tres bien!

testimonial from India

it’s a good method

testimonial from Spain

The method is easy to understand and it gives you the feeling you are making progress


it was not difficult at all to learn the pronunciation

M.W. (USA)

I am learning French for the love of the language and probably in the future to get a job teaching French or as an interpreter


I quickly found what I was looking for

Student, wants to go to Paris one day

I am not only better able to understand, but I’m no longer frustrated at not knowing how the words are spoken


I do catch myself mentally repeating French phrases


I was thoroughly impressed with the kind of course that was sent to me

My advice: listen carefully to the French voice in the program

testimonial time:13:30:0:2

I have no problem speaking loud in French…only my cat laughs

J.L., 20:59

I want to keep hearing it over and over as the quality is so good each lesson was worth the time

03/02/2007 12:02

I try to do one lesson per day and mostly I succeed

Waterford, Feb. 21

I would advise people to follow French4u regularly because it’s quite short, simple and to the point

26 yr old student

I would recommend this course simply because it allows one to be entirely independent


I love speaking and pronouncing French

21/02/2007 02:59

It is simply the best


You’ve done a great job. Please make more things like this!!

testimonial time: 2007-02-28 14:39:41

Thanks for giving me the chance to learn French!

Law student, S.A.

My kids also joined me and they had a lot of fun

from Andhra Pradesh, India

So far I love it! Thank you very very much!

USA resident, a lover of French since childhood

It would be too difficult for me to study French if I had to attend a regular class

testimonial from southwestern part of the US

The product is first rate, the service and friendly approach make it highly attractive and a pleasure to use

testimonial ref. 0103071226

I relaxed completely and wanted to talk back

Hyderabad, time 12:22:11

Loading the lesson is quick and the sound quality so far is wonderful

testimonial ref.2102070259

It’s very interesting, and I like the fact that I can do it in my own time. Good work!

testimonial time:13:30:02 feb,20

Having fun

Good job! And thank you for giving me this opportunity

X.X., daughter at American embassy

It was an absolutely beautiful experience to be able to hear French with such a clear and good sound quality

Student, married, aged 36

Wish I had the courses available on CD so could study while driving

20/02/2007 18:23

I will have a routine every Saturday for my French learning

testimonial time 02:59:51

The software did prompt me properly, I was a little embarrassed talking to a computer but I got used to it and relaxed

Family, thinking of moving to France

Hearing it more will help me practice my pronunciation, though it has improved just from this course

20/02/2007 17:29

Had no difficulty in remembering what I had learnt and my pronunciation has improved

Student, level 3, Alliance Francaise

Pretty much intuitive, but occasionally the nice tutorial lady helped me

58 year-old retired forensic scientist

I do appreciate this method and it is very easy to follow


Thank you – this is the best course I’ve found


I like (very much) the way these lessons are set up. Not too long, nor too short

testimonial ref.2102071726

in comparison with the few that I have accessed on line – I give full marks to you on your teaching style, sound quality and the methodology

testimonial time 12:22:11

Rate it highly


I am studying French because I love the language and I can work in a French embassy as well

Ekuma, nigeria